Clockwatching - 90 min.

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“You have to have some big plan or idea of what you're going to do instead. And it better be something great. And you had better be able to tell it convincingly - before it even happens - what the arc of your life will be." — Sheila Heti

Side A.

1. “Just Step S’ways," The Fall

2. “Crush,” Tall Dwarfs

3. “Getting Older,” by The Clean

4. “Before Your Very Eyes…,” Atoms for Peace

5. "Golden Hours", Brian Eno

6. “All Thoughts Are Prey To Some Beast,” Bill Callahan

7. "Murder Dull Mind,” Amen Dunes

8. “Acquiescence,” K. Leimer

9. “Myself When I Am Real,” Charles Mingus

10. “Avril Altdelay” Aphex Twin


Side B.

1. “When Am I Gonna Make a Living" Sade

2. "The Moving Finger,” Dorothy Ashby

3. “Mary Always,” Khruangbin

4. “Born To,” Jesca Hoop

5. “Seventeen,” Sharon Van Etten

6. “Swim,” Holly Herndon

7. “Too Many Voices,” Alison Skidmore / Andy Stott

8. "Due West,” Kelsey Lu

9. “Brighter Days,” Maria Somerville

10. “Windows,” Frankie Cosmos

11. “Different Now,” Chastity Belt

12.  “Tiptoe,” Tu Fawning

13. “Night Scented Stock,” Kate Bush



Born, Never Asked - 60 min.

I don't deserve
Nice things
Cause I am paying
For sins I don't
― Rupi Kaur


Side A.

1. “Born, Never Asked," Laurie Anderson

2. “Waking The Witch,” Kate Bush

3. “Violent Playground,” Broadcast

4. "Identity," X-Ray Spex

5. "50ft Queenie," PJ Harvey

6. “Second Skin,” The Gits

7. "Domestic Departure," The Au Pairs

8. “Life On The Line,” The Raincoats

9. “Shyness,” Trash Kit

10. “Pam's Tan,” Black Tambourine


Side B.

1. “Thinning," Snail Mail

2. "<," Waxahatchee

3. “...To Have No Answer,” Flock Of Dimes

4. “When I Try, I'm Full," Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

5. “Goddess Eyes I,” Julia Holter

6. “The Battle Is Over," Jenny Hval

7. “Woman's Work," U.S. Girls

8. "Babelogue," Patti Smith





We Hold These Truths - 90 min.

“Every miserable fool who has nothing at all of which he can be proud adopts, as a last resource, pride in the nation to which he belongs; he is ready and glad to defend all its faults and follies tooth and nail, thus reimbursing himself for his own inferiority.” ― Arthur Schopenhauer

Side A.

1. “Doomsayer Holiday,” Grails

2. “Negative Space,” Metz

3. “Now Is The Time,” The Wipers

4. "Resistance," The Sound

5. "Tunnel Vision," Kate Tempest

5. “We The People…,” A Tribe Called Quest

6. “My Favorite Mutiny,” The Coup

7. "Rican Beach," Hurray For The Riff Raff

8. “You’re No Good,” ESG

9. “Funkier Than a Mosquito’s Tweeter,” Nina Simone

10. “Help Me Somebody,” Brian Eno & David Byrne

11. "Lost It To Trying (Mouths Only Lying),” Son Lux

12. "Embryo," Black Sabbath


Side B.

1. “Time Bomb," Dog Faced Hermans

2. "Border Country," Swell Maps

3. “Independence,” This Heat

4. “There Is A War," Leonard Cohen

5. “Love & Hate,” Michael Kiwanuka

6. “Weary," Solange

7. “If You Don't Like The Effects, Don't Produce The Cause,” Funkadelic

8. "Push," Liquid Liquid

9. “Up The Hill Backward,” David Bowie

10. “Cunts Are Still Running The World," Jarvis Cocker

11. "Blood Dripped From Yr. Eyes," Talkdemonic

12. "There Is No There," The Books


Uneven Remainder - 90 min.

"I find now, swallowing one teaspoon
of pain, that it drops downward
to the past where it mixes
with last year’s cupful
and downward into a decade’s quart
and downward into a lifetime’s ocean.
I alternate treading water
and deadman’s float."
— Anne Sexton

Side A.

1. “The Last Time” The Breeders (feat. Mark Lannegan)

2. “Accident,” Clem Snide

3. “No Sense,” Cat Power

4. "On Battleship Hill,” PJ Harvey

5. "Green Grass,” Tom Waits

6. "South Tacoma Way,” Neko Case

7. “Lonely Universe,” Angel Olsen

8. “Funeral Singers,” Califone

9. “The Golden Boy That Was Swallowed By The Sea,” Swans

10. "Christ Jesus," Deertick

Side B.

1. “Some Of Them Are Old," Brian Eno

2. "Canticle," These New Puritans

3. “Lichen,” Aphex Twin

4. “The Sea Against The Sand” Hood

5. "Fourth of July,” Sufjan Stevens

6. "Videotape,” Radiohead

7. "Speechless,” David Byrne

8. “Everything's Fucked,” Dirty Three

9. “A Slight Grip, a Gentle Hold (Pt. 2)” Ian William Craig

10. “Dusk,” Meredith Monk

11. "Idumea," Current 93 (feat. Antony)


When We Rise Again- 60 Min.


 A few months ago, I made this soundtrack inspired by the 1969 Stonewall Riots. The mix was a long-shot pitch to be on the music team of Dustin Lance Black and Gus Van Sant's upcoming mini-series When We Rise. Initially shelved as a failure, it feels vilely relevant. I've been playing it for myself lately, as a rallying cry to show up and stand up. 

"In the Civil Rights Movement, we ran from the police, in the peace movement, we ran from the police. That night, the police ran from us, the lowliest of the low. And it was fantastic," John O'Brien, Stonewall Uprising.


Side A.

1. "No Matter What Sign You Are," Diana Ross & The Supremes

2. "You Came, You Saw, You Conquered," The Ronettes

3. "This Is My Life," Shirley Bassey

4. "Alice Blue Gown," Jo Stafford

5. "Christopher Street," Wonderful Town - Original London Cast

6. "Do You Come Here Often," The Tornados

7. "John, I'm Only Dancing," David Bowie

8. "I'll Come Running," Brian Eno

9. "I'm So Free," Lou Reed


Side B

1. "Mambo Sun," T. Rex

2. "See My Friends, " The Kinks

3. "Singing Cowboy," Love

4. "Keep Off the Grass," Dave Ronk

5. "Jump Into the Fire," Harry Nilsson

6. "Ta-Ra-Ra Boom-De-Ay," Earl Rivers & Kim Criswell

7. "Ballad of the Lights, " Arthur Russell, The Flying Hearts & Allen Ginsberg

8. "We Shall Overcome," Charlie Hayden

A few background notes:  

The first three songs were on the original Stonewall Inn jukebox.

 "Alice Blue Gown" was a phrase signaling Inn-goers that an undercover cop was attempting to enter the bar.

Facing off against NYPD Tactical Police Force, the protesters linked up in a chorus line and sang to the tune of "Ta-Ra-Ra Boom-De-Ay,"  "We are the Stonewall girls/ We wear our hair in curls/ We don't wear underwear/ We show our pubic hair/We pick up lots of tricks/That's how we get our kicks/We wear our Dungarees/Above Our Nelly Knees.