Side A.

  1. “Barbed Wire Love,” Stiff Little Fingers.
  2. “Strange Pursuits,” Devo.
  3. “Bad Penny,” Big Black.
  4. “Dream of My Love,” Abe Vigoda.
  5. “Heartbeats,” The Knife.
  6. “Hate Crime,” Austra.
  7. “This Time of Night,” New Order.
  8. “Love so Lonely,” Suicide.

Side B.

  1. “Milky Teeth,” Tindersticks.
  2. “Don’t Call Me Pain,” The Pop Group.
  3. “Talking Time,” Cabaret Voltaire.
  4. “Physical (You’re So),” Adam and the Ants.
  5. “The Tinderbox (of a Heart),” Cocteau Twins.
  6. “This is Hardcore,” Pulp.