Side A.

  1. “As You Turn to Go,” The 6ths.
  2. “Brompton Oratory,” Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.
  3. “Took You Two Years to Win My Heart,” Final Fantasy.
  4. “All My Little Words,” The Magnetic Fields.
  5. “Empty Room,” Marmoset.
  6. “All You Need is a Wall,” The Books.
  7. “Three Wishes,” Television Personalities.
  8. “24 Hours,” Joy Division.

Side B.

  1. “Doubt,” Wye Oak.
  2. “The Darker Days of Me & Him,” PJ Harvey.
  3. “Water & Air,” Cat Power.
  4. “I Wish I Knew,” Sharon Van Etten.
  5. “Ave Maria,” Clara Rockmore.
  6. “Let it Die,” Feist.
  7. “The End,” Sibylle Baier.
  8. “All the Best Wishes,” Jana Hunter.