Side A.

  1. “Hanging on the Telephone,” Blondie.
  2. “Your Phone’s Off the Hook, but You’re Not,” X.
  3. “Every Other Word,” The Joggers.
  4. “Girl on the Phone,” The Jam.
  5. “Chatterboxes,” Deerhoof.
  6. “Trying to Reach You,” Nurses.
  7. “Calling Out of Context,” Arthur Russell.
  8. “Waiting to Talk,” Andrew Bird.
  9. “Bad Communication,” Sufjan Stevens.

Side B.

  1. “Pick up the Phone,” Notwist.
  2. “The Telephone is Empty,” Love and Rockets.
  3. “Talk-Action=Shit,” The Brian Jonestown Massacre.
  4. “Conversation off Floral Street,” The Zombies.
  5. “I Wanna be Your Telephone,” Jamie Lidell.
  6. “Listen,” The Clash.
  7. “You Speak My Language,” Morphine.
  8. “I Can’t Hear You,” The Dead Weather.
  9. “The Mute Speaks Out,” Mission of Burma.