Side A.

  1. “Old World,” The Modern Lovers.
  2. “Time Away,” Arthur Russell.
  3. “No Growing (Exegesis) The Olivia Tremor Control.
  4. "Mama Says,” The Beach Boys.
  5. “Do the Wrong Thing,” Lounge Lizards.
  6. “Anxiety Block,” Television Personalities.
  7. “Typical Girls,” The Slits.
  8. “Glass, Concrete and Stone,” David Byrne.
  9. “This Time Tomorrow,” The Kinks.

Side B.

  1. “Lady Daydream,” Twin Sister.
  2. “Pleasant Experience,” Small Black.
  3. “Within You Without You,” The Beatles.
  4. “Anything Can Happen,” The Clean.
  5. “Don’t Doubt Yourself, Babe,” The Byrds.
  6. “Bury Me Happy,” The Moles.
  7. “Answer to Yourself,” The Soft Pack.
  8. “Somebody Else,” The Babies.
  9. “Accept Yourself,” The Smiths.
  10. “Stop and Smell The Roses,” Nana Grizol.