Adaptation of the following figuration: 

A metaphysical retelling of The Garden, starring A & E.
Creation myth as a love story.
In the beginning, flawless Unity. Perfect eternal boredom.
Out of nowhere E traces a shape around a section of the void.
The sudden introduction of duality gives birth to separation and
atomic polarity - existence!

A realizes that E is missing, this gateway in her place.
An empty pictureframe? A doorway or window to the world?
He follows her, knowing the irony of his mission.
A flaming sword guards The Garden; passing through will give him amnesia.
He’ll forget what he is, who he was searching for and why he came at all.

This is where the mixtape begins, press Play.
Faith in complete darkness.
A follows E, perhaps guided by a trail of dreams, light, and coincidences.
Imagine blindfolded lovers chasing each otrher through a revolving
door, the heart/engine of the world.


Side A. (Adam)

1. “If,” Dean Martin.

2. “Dissolving Memory,” Sean McCann.

3. “Flesh,” Zola Jesus.

4. “Universal Consciousness,” Alice Coltrane.

5. “Nothing Is,” My Bloody Valentine.

6. “Walk On,” Henry Grimes Trio.

7. “Lullabye,” Kronos Quartet.

8. “Hunting,” Mount Eerie.

9. “Heartful of Leaves,” Robyn Hitchcock.

10. “Lord I Just Can’t Keep From Crying,” Blind Willie Johnson.

11. “O Frailty,” Laura Gibson and Ethan Rose.

12. “I Offered it Up to the Stars; the Night Sky,” The Dirty Three.


Side B. (Eve)

1. “Walk Away,” Tom Waits.

2. “Escape Pod,” Stereolab.

3. “Laguna Sunrise,” Black Sabbath.

4. “Walkabout,” Atlas Sound.

5. “Pulses,” Steve Reich.

6. “Harm of Will,” Björk.

7. “Song To The Siren,” This Mortal Coil.

8. “Equal Ways,” Clan of Xymox.

9. “Vow,” Meredith Monk.

10. “New Grass,” Talk Talk.