“As with most couples, probably, most of our fights were not about anything, but rather about fighting itself,” Rob Sheffield Love is a Mixtape.

Each pair drawing their particular sparring ring. Pulling the ropes taut with righteousness or loosening them in rapprochement.


Side A.

1. “Always Right, Ramona Falls.

2. "Whatever I Do is Right,” The Clean.

3. “Academy Fight Song,” Mission of Burma.

4. “As We Go Up We Go Down,” Guided by Voices.

5. “The Argument,” Fugazi.

6. “Worms vs. Birds,” Modest Mouse.

7. “Never Mind,” The Replacements.

8. “I am the Resurrection,” The Stone Roses.


Side B

1. “Don’t Cry,” Deerhunter.

2. “Aisumasen (I’m Sorry),” John Lennon.

3. “Give Me Another Chance,” Big Star.

4. “Let’s Kiss and Make Up,” Wilson Pickett.

5. “Iron Out the Rough Spots,” Nolan Porter.

6. “Open the Door,” Otis Redding.

7. “It’s Raining,” Irma Thomas.

8. “I’m Free Now,” Morphine.

9. “Love Me Till the Sun Shines,” The Kinks.

10. “Wave a White Flag,” Elvis Costello.