Side A.

  1. “Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do,” Roybn.
  2. “Ashes to Ashes,” David Bowie.
  3. “Alcohol,” The Kinks.
  4. “God’s Away on Business,” Tom Waits.
  5. “Waving My Arms,” The Birthday Party.
  6. “Sense of Guilt,” Josef K.
  7. “Can’t Stand the Pain,” Pretty Things.
  8. “Long Distance Drunk,” Modest Mouse.
  9. “Too Drunk to Dream,” The Magnetic Fields.

Side B.

  1. “Cure for Pain,” Morphine.
  2. “Going Once, Going Twice,” Ramona Falls.
  3. “A Threaded Needle,” Lotus Plaza.
  4. “Fall Down Drunk,” Summer at Shatter Creek. 
  5. “Still Be Around,” Uncle Tupelo.
  6. “The Battle,” Caitlin Cary and Ryan Adams.
  7. “Black Out,” Grouper.
  8. “Treatment Bound,” The Replacements.