The cyclical ebb and flow from motion to stasis and back again.

Side A: Luxuriating in languor until sloth dulls into a burdensome nothingness.

Side B: Propelling from pain into movement and getting into the zone. Doubling down and slaying until exhaustion and headed back to the land of the laze.

Side A. (Laze)

1. ”Working to Work,” Field Music

2. “Couldn’t Get Ahead,” The Fall

3. “Life Stinks,” Pere Ubu

4. “T.V.O.D.,” The Normal

5. “Peeping Tomboy,” Kurt Vile

6. “It’s a Bit of a Pain,” Faust

7. “Same,” Low

8. “Stuck,” Grouper

9. “A Meaningful Moment Through A Meaning(Less) Process,” Stars Of The Lid

Side B (Slay)

1. “Wake Up and Smell Millennium,” Nobody

2. “Get Up and Go,” The Go-Go’s

3. “Watch Me Jumpstart,” Guided By Voices

4. “Blast Off!,” The Monks

5. “Lift Off,” Jay Z and Kanye West

6. “New Day,” The Olivia Tremor Control

7. “Slippi,” Animal Collective

8. “Olympics,” Zs

9. “Borrowed Time,” Parquet Courts

10. “Repeating the Circle,” Ceremony