Begging the question, which is the taking of a thing for true or for granted, and drawing conclusions from it as such, when it is really dubious, perhaps false, or at least wants to be proved, before any inferences ought to be drawn from it.  

Side A.

  1. “Recoil,” Magazine.
  2. “Treachery,” Unwound.
  3. “Two People in a Room,” Wire.
  4. “BLAM!!,” Swell Maps.
  5. “Shut Up,” The Monks.
  6. “Train,” Mission of Burma.
  7. “Words Disobey Me,” The Pop Group.
  8. “Guilt Parade,” The Birthday Party.
  9. “Over and Over,” Cabaret Voltaire.

Side B.

  1. “Hate, Love,” Young Jazz Rebels.
  2. “Untitled,” Secret Drum Band.
  3. “Two Against Three,” Brian Eno & David Byrne.
  4. “B is for Burning,” Zs.
  5. “Sharks,” Lounge Lizards.
  6. “Contempt,” John Zorn.
  7. “This is Where No-One Worked Out,” Vibracathedral Orchestra.