Side A.

  1. “Leave the Planet,” Galaxy 500.
  2. “Universal Traveler,” Air.
  3. “Planet Caravan,” Black Sabbath.
  4. “Will There Be Stars,” Blonde Redhead.
  5. “Planet Queen,” T. Rex.
  6. “Souvlaki Space Station,” Slowdive.
  7. “Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space,” Spiritualized.
  8. “The Rocket Builder (Io Pan!),” Johann Johannsson.
  9. “Something Stirring In Space,” Glass Candy.
  10. “Rocket Ship,” Daniel Johnston.

Side B.

  1. The Eve Of The War (excerpt),” Jeff Wayne.
  2. Rocket Number Nine,” Sun Ra.
  3. “Intro//Cosmic Drama,” Flying Lotus.
  4. “Wanderlust,” Bjork.
  5. "Cosmic Country Noir,” Stereolab.
  6. “Praying to the Aliens, “Tubeway Army. 
  7. “Stars,” Mr. Fingers.  
  8. “Moonshake,” Can.
  9. "Spaced Cowboy,” Sly & The Family Stone.
  10. "The Universe Is Shown,” Mount Eerie.
  11. “Going Home,” Alice Coltrane.