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“You have to have some big plan or idea of what you're going to do instead. And it better be something great. And you had better be able to tell it convincingly - before it even happens - what the arc of your life will be." — Sheila Heti

Side A.

1. “Just Step S’ways," The Fall

2. “Crush,” Tall Dwarfs

3. “Getting Older,” by The Clean

4. “Before Your Very Eyes…,” Atoms for Peace

5. "Golden Hours", Brian Eno

6. “All Thoughts Are Prey To Some Beast,” Bill Callahan

7. "Murder Dull Mind,” Amen Dunes

8. “Acquiescence,” K. Leimer

9. “Myself When I Am Real,” Charles Mingus

10. “Avril Altdelay” Aphex Twin


Side B.

1. “When Am I Gonna Make a Living" Sade

2. "The Moving Finger,” Dorothy Ashby

3. “Mary Always,” Khruangbin

4. “Born To,” Jesca Hoop

5. “Seventeen,” Sharon Van Etten

6. “Swim,” Holly Herndon

7. “Too Many Voices,” Alison Skidmore / Andy Stott

8. "Due West,” Kelsey Lu

9. “Brighter Days,” Maria Somerville

10. “Windows,” Frankie Cosmos

11. “Different Now,” Chastity Belt

12.  “Tiptoe,” Tu Fawning

13. “Night Scented Stock,” Kate Bush