Babbler, Prattler, and Chatterer - 60 min.

Enter RUMOUR, painted full of tongues - [stage direction] Henry IV, Pt. 2


Side A.

1. “Opening the Mouth” Boards of Canada.

2. “Housewives,” Bas.

3. “Lost It To Trying (Mouths Only Lying),” Son Lux.

4. “Fuck the People,” The Kills.

5. "The Life and Death of Mr. Badmouth,” PJ Harvey.

6. "Mind Your Own Business,” Delta 5.

7. “Heard It Through the Grapevine,” The Slits.

8. “Talk is Cheap,” Flipper.

9. “Folklore,” James.


Side B.

1. "You Talk Too Much,” Run D.M.C.

2. “Gossip Folks (Feat. Ludacris),” Missy Elliott.

3. “Our Lips Are Sealed” Fun Boy Three.

4. “Talk Talk,” Talk Talk.

5. “Best Friend,” The English Beat.

6. “Don’t Talk to Me,” G.G. Allin.

7. “Surfing and Spying,” The Go-Go’s.

8. “Never Talking to You Again,” Elf Power.

9. “Through With People,” Barbara Manning.

10. “Walk On,” Neil Young.



There Will Be No Miracles Here - 60 min.

Was there ever in anyone’s life span a point free in time, devoid of memory, a night when choice was any more than the sum of all the choices gone before?” Joan Didion. 

Pencils down.

Side A.

  1. “I Love You But I’m Lost,” Sharon Van Etten.
  2. “Oh Sister,” Bob Dylan.
  3. “Two Blue Lights,” Songs: Ohia.
  4. “That I Do,” Wye Oak.
  5. “Grow Grow Grow,” PJ Harvey.
  6. “Invisible,” Grouper.
  7. “Shell Blues,” Kurt Vile.
  8. “The Kiss,” Patrick Wolf.
  9. “Why Midnight Walked But Didn’t Ring Her Bell,” The Liars.
  10. “I Could Drive Forever,” Smog.
  11. “Border Lines, Pt. 2,” Tim Hecker.

Side B

  1. “Jesus of the Moon,” Nick Cave.
  2. "Breaking Hands,” The Gun Club.
  3. “Fortune,” Felt.
  4. "Suffering,” The War On Drugs.
  5. "Angel #2,” Mick Turner/Tren Brothers.
  6. "Love Ridden,” Fiona Apple.
  7. “Veraison,” Talkdemonic.
  8. “Show Me Love,” Hundred Waters.
  9. “Take Care,” Big Star.
  10. “Of All The Things We’ve Made,” Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark.

Eden Unsquared - 90 min.


Adaptation of the following figuration: 

A metaphysical retelling of The Garden, starring A & E.
Creation myth as a love story.
In the beginning, flawless Unity. Perfect eternal boredom.
Out of nowhere E traces a shape around a section of the void.
The sudden introduction of duality gives birth to separation and
atomic polarity - existence!

A realizes that E is missing, this gateway in her place.
An empty pictureframe? A doorway or window to the world?
He follows her, knowing the irony of his mission.
A flaming sword guards The Garden; passing through will give him amnesia.
He’ll forget what he is, who he was searching for and why he came at all.

This is where the mixtape begins, press Play.
Faith in complete darkness.
A follows E, perhaps guided by a trail of dreams, light, and coincidences.
Imagine blindfolded lovers chasing each otrher through a revolving
door, the heart/engine of the world.


Side A. (Adam)

1. “If,” Dean Martin.

2. “Dissolving Memory,” Sean McCann.

3. “Flesh,” Zola Jesus.

4. “Universal Consciousness,” Alice Coltrane.

5. “Nothing Is,” My Bloody Valentine.

6. “Walk On,” Henry Grimes Trio.

7. “Lullabye,” Kronos Quartet.

8. “Hunting,” Mount Eerie.

9. “Heartful of Leaves,” Robyn Hitchcock.

10. “Lord I Just Can’t Keep From Crying,” Blind Willie Johnson.

11. “O Frailty,” Laura Gibson and Ethan Rose.

12. “I Offered it Up to the Stars; the Night Sky,” The Dirty Three.


Side B. (Eve)

1. “Walk Away,” Tom Waits.

2. “Escape Pod,” Stereolab.

3. “Laguna Sunrise,” Black Sabbath.

4. “Walkabout,” Atlas Sound.

5. “Pulses,” Steve Reich.

6. “Harm of Will,” Björk.

7. “Song To The Siren,” This Mortal Coil.

8. “Equal Ways,” Clan of Xymox.

9. “Vow,” Meredith Monk.

10. “New Grass,” Talk Talk.




Overstuffed Outlet - 60 min.

Electrical itch to check in to check out. Another click is just two more clicks away. 

Side A.

  1. “Home Computer,” Kraftwerk.
  2. “S.I.B. (Swelling Itching Brain,” Devo.
  3. “Electricity,” Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark.
  4. “Information Age,” Wiley.
  5. “It’s Crowded,” Prefuse 73.
  6. “The Noise,” Austra.
  7. “I Dream of Wires,” Robert Palmer.

Side B

  1. “Hazy,” Built to Spill.
  2. “Murder Dull Mind,” Amen Dunes. 
  3. “Litebulb Overkill,” Tuxedomoon.
  4. “Wires,” The Moles.
  5. “Lonely Boy,” K. Leimer. 
  6. “Too, Too Much,” Liars.
  7. “I’m Not Feeling Human,” Olivia Tremor Control.
  8. “Cold Feet,” Lost Lander.

Ouroboros - 60 min.


The cyclical ebb and flow from motion to stasis and back again.

Side A: Luxuriating in languor until sloth dulls into a burdensome nothingness.

Side B: Propelling from pain into movement and getting into the zone. Doubling down and slaying until exhaustion and headed back to the land of the laze.

Side A. (Laze)

1. ”Working to Work,” Field Music

2. “Couldn’t Get Ahead,” The Fall

3. “Life Stinks,” Pere Ubu

4. “T.V.O.D.,” The Normal

5. “Peeping Tomboy,” Kurt Vile

6. “It’s a Bit of a Pain,” Faust

7. “Same,” Low

8. “Stuck,” Grouper

9. “A Meaningful Moment Through A Meaning(Less) Process,” Stars Of The Lid

Side B (Slay)

1. “Wake Up and Smell Millennium,” Nobody

2. “Get Up and Go,” The Go-Go’s

3. “Watch Me Jumpstart,” Guided By Voices

4. “Blast Off!,” The Monks

5. “Lift Off,” Jay Z and Kanye West

6. “New Day,” The Olivia Tremor Control

7. “Slippi,” Animal Collective

8. “Olympics,” Zs

9. “Borrowed Time,” Parquet Courts

10. “Repeating the Circle,” Ceremony